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About me

I am a qualified Nurse, who has travelled from Nepal to achieve a higher degree education in the UK. Since 2004, I worked as a Nurse at St. Mary’s hospital. My passion to work with women, babies and their family motivated me to get a degree in MIDWIFERY. I was (Shreejana Koirala) qualified as a Midwife in 2008 from West London University and have been working at Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital (QCCH) since then. Currently I am working as a community team leader.

I have worked in various departments at QCCH which has equipped me with enormous experience in terms of understanding people – their cultural, ethical values and beliefs regarding pregnancy and childbirth. During my midwifery journey, I have discovered that excitement and joy is the best emotions experienced during pregnancy by the women and her family. However, fear and anxiety, associated with unknown process and outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, are also expressed. Witnessing this, motivated me to create this programme, in order to help women and their families relieve the anxieties they have associated with childbirth, so that they can freely enjoy this momentous event in their lives.
I have always been passionate to deliver the message to women, regarding the power of mind and impact of positive thinking during pregnancy in order to help them achieve best possible outcomes. This guidance empowered me to complete the diploma course in HYPNOBIRTHING with KGH.

I am so delighted and excited to deliver my knowledge and experience with hypnobirthing tools and technique to empower pregnant women and their partner. This course also gives them opportunity to prepare antenatal with the understanding of physiology and impact of mind into their pregnancy experience and positive birth outcome.